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Deposit: call for price
2 Hour: $59
4 Hour: $79
Daily: $109
Weekly: $439


We carry 20, 36, 60, and 100 grit paper for purchase.

Weight: 125lbs

  • Rip and strip finishes on existing floors with ease. Cuts through urethane efficiently and leaves the wood clean and ready for a new finish.
  • Sands in any direction without damaging the grain pattern, and is the best machine for antique floors as it removes far less material than drums so your floors last longer.
  • Far easier to use than traditional drum sanders.
  • Change hook and loop grit disks in seconds.
  • Vacuums dust out of the way as you go. Collects dust in an on-board vacuum bag that is easy to remove and empty when needed (remember to remove from unit when not in use).
  • Edge and buff with the same machine.
  • Floats easily as you make your passes.
  • Try a U-Sand floor sander and you’ll know why we’re on the cutting edge of floor sanding technology.